Leave your packaging worries behind and come to us. Whatever be your product size, weight and shape, whatever be your mode of transportation and wherever the destination is, local or overseas, just gives us a call and we'll pack it for you!

Krishna Packers not only offers standard bulk requirements of wooden crates, pallets and packing cases, but also offers tailor made packaging solutions for your complicated products.

We believe in serving the customer with the right quality, right quantity and right price at the right time.

Raw materials used:

Generally, wood used for packaging purposes is of non-coniferous variety like rubber wood, silver wood, banyan wood and other type of soft wood. These are abundantly available and quite economical.

However, the most extensively wood used by us for producing packing products, is rubber wood, as it is the most abundantly available and environmentally friendly timber. Rubber wood is soft to moderately hard with an average weight of 515 kg m-3 at 12% moisture content.

Any type of packing made out of follows application.

Wooden case:

Wooden cases are generally used for packing any kind of product to ensure maximum safety from transportation and handling damages. These are more commonly used to pack small and multiple items together in a single case and thereby reduce the risk of pilferage. Wooden cases do not have any limitations in use with respect to the size, weight and shape of the item to be packed. The cases can be made of wood starting from a minimum thickness of " up to maximum of 2-3 inches depending on the overall product. Wooden cases can be built to suit various lifting methods like a forklift, crane etc. and accordingly the base and overall construction of the wooden case is designed.

Plywood box:

Plywood boxes are used for packing products similar to those of wooden cases. However, these types of boxes are more suited for export consignments, transported both by sea and air. For sea consignments, these boxes offer a high degree of protection from moisture and corrosion and for air consignments; these boxes are highly suitable due to its low weight and savings in terms of freight charges. Plywood boxes are made up of commercial plywood of thickness varying from 3mm to 19mm depending on the items to be packed. In plywood boxes bottom (Base) also can be provided with wooden planks for forklifting or crane lifting.

Wooden crates:

Wooden crates mainly find application for optimizing packaging costs of solid, sturdy and heavy items usually transported in exclusive and bulk consignments. Wooden crates are made up of reapers placed at required gaps to suit the weight and dimensions of the product. The thickness and width of the reapers is also calculated based on the product. The crates can also be designed to make it suitable for fork lifting, with the base (bottom) either solid or crate type. These crates can also be chemically treated and used for export packing.

Wooden base:

Where complete packing of the items/ equipment is not necessary, packing is done using only a wooden base. This is mainly used to pack machines and equipment that can be bolted down to the base and covered with polythene material for short distance transportation, thereby saving on the overall packaging cost.

Wooden pallets:

Is generally used for storage, stacking and in-premise movement of materials. It is basically only a base made in the form of either solid or a crate type to facilitate forklifting. Pallets often find use for short distance transportation of materials and can be re-used over and over again for similar purposes.

Overseas packing:

Krishna Packers specializes in supply of superior materials mainly for export packaging. Use of proper materials is very important in exports due to the increasing awareness in foreign countries and stipulations laid down by them for use of good quality packing wood. Exporters cannot afford to neglect this aspect as poor (like termite infecting) variety of packaging materials used can lead to serious implications on the export business.

In Hosur, Krishna Packers is the one and only reliable source for truly chemically treated wood as per standards laid down by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Treated wood is a must for export packaging to prevent attack of termites etc. and is insisted upon by many foreign countries. Due to trade limitations, we are unable to provide more details on the exact method of treatment carried out by us. However, another alternative to chemically treated wood is the use of silver wood, which is much better suited for use in export packaging.

However, if use of wood is not preferred, HHCB Box (replacement for wood) or plywood can also be used in combination with a wooden base. For better protection against moisture and corrosion, it is also advisable to provide an internal lining of special tar coated gunny cloth.




Loose Supply :

Loose supply of wood and plywood for customers who have their own in-house packing and carpentry facilities, Krishna Packers can also offer all varieties of loose wood and plywood as per customer requirements. Consumables for packing like nails, strips, tar coated gunny cloth etc. can also be offered as an added service to customers.

Special variety of Packing :

pp bOXVCI EDGEVCI PolyGlassPharmaPallet box

We also offer special variety of boxes for unique and challenging applications in defence like air-dropping with all necessary hardware and cushioning to safeguard the product packed within.

(Quality of timber shall be generally as per IS 5247 Part-II 1982.)